Melissa Perez

Program Lead

Melissa serves as a pioneer in leading GMC’s very first project in the state of New Mexico. With her tenacity to organize and engage she has implemented an efficient and sought-after program that is attentive to the most vulnerable of populations. The team there relies on her intuitiveness and ability to navigate through difficult program terrain.

Adrienne Holmes

Program Associate

Adrienne Holmes provides project support for all technical and administrative activities. Administrative activities may include communicating with stakeholders to schedule meetings/events and preparing detailed internal and external reports. She also assists in the development/implementation and evaluation of strategies related to the project, data entry, and data analytics.

Ami Reese

Accountant Program Associate

Ami Reese focuses on community outreach to complete applications for rent and utility assistance for the Bernalillo County RENT Program. She actively engages with landlords, property owners, local community groups, health clinics, schools and churches.

Ramon Torres

Program Associate

Ramon Torres is responsible for providing Case Management services to individuals in need of housing stability services: consider special circumstances of the individuals needs to reduce housing and non-housing related barriers, complete assessments, provide advocacy, problem solving, and service planning skills.