Who We Are …

GMC’s Vision Statement :

We seek to distinguish GMC as a true industry innovator by leveraging scientifically-based business research, development, and assessment strategies that ensure optimal project delivery. Our overriding goal is to establish benchmark practices that have positive social outcomes.

Our Project Teams Consist of Highly Trained Professionals Specializing in Human Resources,
Project Management and Research and Development.


Our Advantages

GMC develops breakthrough, innovative solutions to business challenges that others consider insurmountable. We exceed standard business methods by strongly adhering to scientifically-based strategies for all phases of project development from research through assessment.

Our approach is consistently innovative and effective! As innovators we are dedicated to improving society by achieving ever higher levels of productivity and quality of service.

  • offers the expertise and logistical flexibility to handle small to large scale projects with outstanding results.
  • is skilled at accommodating each customer’s unique staffing, budgeting, and operational needs.
  • is well versed in working with long-term and short ramp up time frame projects.
  • has vast experience in government contracting with technical deliverables and multiple reporting levels.
  • offers a solid record of success liaising with government agencies and communities to resolve issues.
  • selects staff who are free to work for you exclusively. By comparison, larger companies typically farm out work to employees who are too often unavailable because their time is divided between multiple clients.
  • carefully tests and interviews project personnel, hiring only highly motivated, talented people.
  • ensures that staff members are free to operate in multiple locations.
  • continually upgrades our internal and project management software programs.
  • provides state-of-the-art project management tools to monitor the ongoing effectiveness of our training and coaching programs.
  • utilizes Microsoft Office 365, a multifunction platform, allowing staff to work remotely with full email, video chat, document access, and other features.
  • furnishes paperless project management software in many areas to ensure ongoing functionality of our projects, utilizing the many capabilities of Google Docs.
  • has successfully managed millions in contracting dollars.