GMC Consultants began as an emergency management services agency focusing on outreach, community engagement and case management.  Over 16 years later, GMC has grown into a multifaceted project management company that has managed millions of dollars in contracting revenue and has served government entities and thousands of families through disaster related housing programs.

Emerging Leader Award (2015)

Awarded by the State of Texas

Some Of Our Clients

Offering cloud-based case management software to meet any diverse needs.


Culturally Diverse

Our culturally diverse team of experienced professionals is a value add when connecting, collaborating, and communicating with communities and government entities.

Leader in Emergency Management

Over 16 years of experience with local and state governments.

Strong Past Performance

We have an excellent history of positive interactions and references from state and local governments and agencies. We have and continue to serve communities and governments across the gulf-coast region and the entire United States.

Innovative Technology

We implement our disaster recovery software to record, track and report resources.


GMC has worked hard in securing multiple business certifications to specialize in service delivery.

Quality Training and Development

Our ability to implement training and development programs highlights our standards of high quality, and yields optimum housing assistance and relocation services during natural and man-made disasters.