Desurai Strickland


We bring solution driven value to every client and entity we serve through our expertise in creating, implementing and managing projects. Our success is attributed to our work culture and our belief system as a whole that there should be CARE in our Character, Excellence in our output and a hunger to do it again and again.

Whitney Burrell

Chief Financial Officer

With over16 years of professional experience, Whitney offers impeccable financial insight using an adept quality that optimizes profitability, sustainability and ultimately leverages GMC Consultants to acquire projects aligned with the overall vision of the company.

Nicole Wilson

Chief Project Officer

With over 13 years of professional experience, Nicole has managed opportunities that respect investigative problem solving, statistical reporting and project management. Her expertise, insight and dynamic analytical skills helps to create quintessential solutions that ultimately maximize opportunity and success.

Sharon McGowen

Chief Operating Officer

With over 15 years of professional experience, Sharon has a proven ability to effectively manage full service processes and procedures that enables the leadership, staff, team, vendors and stakeholders to feel empowered and capable to execute objectives set forth on any given project.

Sean Ali

Program Associate

Sean Ali offers skills of creative thinking, communication, discipline and self-motivation to honor the vision and mission of the company. Customer service has been a value-add since his professional career began and is ideally suited for his success in this role. Coupled with his extensive volunteering experiences and targeting organizations that both support and protect others, Sean’s ambitious spirit cultivates processes that offer solutions that are desirable and yield results that are most favorable.

Reneisha Beatty

Finance Technical Assistant

Reneisha Beatty provides assistance with invoice tracking, timesheet review, auditing for timekeeping systems and case management software. She supports the staff with daily operations and helps with facilitating procurement activities.