Training & Development

GMC customizes training according to a client’s specific project needs. Our courses incorporate class-instructor interaction integrated with effective innovative training techniques.

We evaluate all relevant parameters, including the target audience’s level of knowledge, the client’s training expertise, and the kinds of training materials that need to be developed. We also incorporate training assessments tailored to specific learner objectives. This is a critical advantage because monitoring training outcomes is vital to an organization’s ability to survive the constant forces of change.

Onsite training and Coaching

GMC plans, organizes, and delivers training and coaching locally and remotely. We provide coaching both for managers and employees as well as client counseling services for those in need of one-on-one support.
GMC is proud of its record of building the competence and effectiveness of employees in a wide array of training programs. We are also skilled at coaching managers in methods that increase employee productivity and work satisfaction.

Training and Placement

For those projects associated with self-sufficiency programs, we provide training in essential life skills such as time management, conflict resolution, problem solving, and communication.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation activities are critical components of project management. Our project evaluators help organizations establish performance measurement systems, including monitoring metrics that give them the ongoing flexibility to improve their project implementation strategies.

GMC identifies strengths and challenges to inform program decisions and make improvements at critical points in project implementation. We continually investigate new strategies to better understand the program environment to improve ongoing project implementation and enhance future program planning.